Combating Abuse of Special Education Students

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There is a hidden epidemic of abuse in special education classrooms across the nation. Disabled
students suffer abuse at rates much higher than other children. Their parents are not able to monitor
what goes on the in the classroom and their children are unable to convey to them what is happening to
them. Oftentimes, parents will discount clues that the children are being abused because of the child’s
communication problems or because of their reliance on the professionals in whom they have entrusted
their child. Unfortunately, the epidemic persists because schools protect the abusers rather than the
victims; administrators prevent parents from learning about the abuse and refuse to remove abusive
teachers and aides from the classroom.

In conjunction with the law firm of Hinton, Alfert and Kahn, I represent parents of special education
students who have suffered physical and verbal abuse in their classrooms. These cases require
empathy, tenacity and a mastery of the complex legal issues involved in defending the civil rights of
disabled students. We have obtained outstanding results. In cases against the Brentwood Unified
School District and the Antioch Unified School District in California, we obtained settlements of nearly
$17 million on behalf of students of abusive teachers and their parents. We currently represent parents
and students across the country.

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